The multidisciplinary Master’s Programme Biology of Disease offers the opportunity to qualify in Cardiovascular Research. One can create one’s own personalised programme by choosing to study a second clinical speciality during the minor. Eventually one may choose completely other clinical specialities than cardiovascular.

All five faculties of the Graduate School of Life Sciences – i.e. Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Biology, Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences – are involved.

Prof. dr. Marc A. Vos, programme director:
Head of the Department of Medical Physiology, UMC Utrecht

The programme is predominantly based within the Utrecht University Medical Centre, with the other participating faculties located nearby on the Uithof University Campus.

Professor Marc Vos: “The theme of my research covers several levels of organisation of the heart: from basic research on the structure-to-function relationship of ion channels and gap junctions in normal and diseased heart to electrical remodelling in the failing heart.”

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